Etern Worldz

Step into the realms of boundless possibilities!

Create Your Own Immersive 4D World

Be one of the few selected to have your unique virtual world designed by simply submitting an image. Enjoy a world deeply integrated with X and powered by Apple Vision Pro. Conditions apply. Limited slots available.

Hybrid Asteroid

Explore the Martian-Earth hybrid's opulant, unrivaled technology and cutting-edge design. Discover the Hybrid Asteroid's valleys in search of its unique surprises!

Sniper Spaceship

Experience the universe of a cybernetic snipers and thrilling space battles while aboard the intricate spacecraft. With your avatar's ability to fight with lightning- fast reflexes, battle domination is not too hard to achieve.

Cyber Castle

Join the ultimate medieval cyber quest to find the castle's hidden treasures! Discover the mystery of a bygone period by entering a realm of dragons, knights, and princesses.

Ranger Questland

Experience the sprint of excitement as you journey into a realm unlike any other when you enter the Questland of Adventure Rangers! With its distinctive block terrain aesthetics this land will bring you the adventure you were missing out on.

Cyber Cityscape

Enter a timeless metaverse experience as you explore the futuristic virtual cityscape. This city promises a good time like no other thanks to its breathtaking views and extraordinary technology!

Cosmic Museum

Discover the Intergalactic Cosmic Museum to see Etern's legacy in all its beauty. You won't be bored in the slightest with this experience, which includes looking at NFT photos of our OGs and investigating fascinating cosmic artefacts!

Invisible Worldland

Explore a stunning natural wonderland with mountains, waterfalls, and towering trees on an epic journey. Join some invisible friends in this fascinating quest to collect coinz and find the Cosmic Egg!

Neon Sail

Embark on the trail that leads to the Neon sail and enjoy the colors that pop and the music that never stops! Become the life of the party on this opulent yacht!

Steller Safari

Go on a journey that defies gravity as you soar through Saturn's stunning rings in your own extraordinary spacecraft. Be ready to uncover a world filled with wonder that'll achieve your wildest dreams!

Scarlet Odessey

Go through the stunning scarlet meadow to reach the thrilling sci-fi cybercity. Be ready to enter a magical world with futuristic enchantment filled with endless excitement and virtual mysteries!

Rhapsody Doodleland

Enter a world of colorful imagination to see a collection of awesome doodle holders come to life. Prepare to join the fun party and dance to the mad music!

Galaxy Adventureland

Are you Ready for an adventure exploring the vast reaches of space right in the comfort of the Etern Galaxy spaceship? As you search for new planets and alien species, be ready for a journey surpassing all your wildest expectations!

Martian Cyberland

Explore the mysteries of the Cyber Martian valleys, brimming with cutting-edge technology and futuristic gadgets geared to help you explore and discover its secrets!

Banana Metaship

Discover more about the mysteries of this exotic world by exploring our banana- Metacraft! Be ready for a remarkable encounter in this wonderful realm.

Temples of the Totems


Rustic Luxe Homestead

Coffee with Monash