1. Why we are here

Etern Metaverse is a one-of-a-kind web3 ecosystem brought to you by DejaVu Quest, Inc. This is the first metaverse of its kind, bringing together a diverse community of NFT holders on a single platform, transforming the NFTs into life-like Avatarz inside an immersively multiplayer metaverse experience.

We believe that the metaverse is the next step of evolution for mankind. Virtual identities will become an extension of the physical self of a human to function within the virtual realms.

The inevitable evolution of pre-metaverse PFP profiles into 4D live web3 identities will be the foundation of Etern as the pioneering identity-based metaverse. The closest visual of this vision is “The Oasis” in Spielberg’s sci-fi fantasy, “Ready Player One.”

Etern is purpose-built to become a Role Playing MMO Metaverse platform designed to bring together the NFT communities within the web3 space. While developing a metaverse which is identity-centric, Etern offers a limitless platform where Playerz will socialize in a gamified, immersive and safe environment.

Etern values unity, inclusivity, and quality for its Playerz, making it highly player-centric and user-friendly. We believe in the transformative power of web3 and the metaverse, to create fantasy-like experiences, heartfelt engagement and authentic transactions, a combination thought to be a utopian dream in web2.

Etern unites the community within a virtual reality, based on the concept of decentralization. The emphasis on inclusivity and diversity is a key element of Etern’s Metaverse Ecosystem. The platform welcomes all NFT holders, “A metaverse for all”, and encourages a diverse range of creators, developers and artists to participate in contributing to the next step of its evolution. We envision a truly interactive ecosystem “ For the Playerz, by the Playerz.”

Etern also places a high value on the Player experience. The platform is intended to be intuitive and simple to use, with a streamlined yet entertaining interface. This makes it more accessible to Playerz, facilitating user interaction and providing an effortless metaverse experience.

The highlights of the Etern Metaverse experience are our community, innovation, and a steady pragmatic lookout for evolution. The inspiration of Etern embodies the concept of “Action before Words” a core value we hold as a part of the growth mindset aiming to make an authentic mark in the upcoming meta-web3 revolution. As the pioneer of bringing 4D NFT Avatarz to life within a fully functioning metaverse MVP, Etern stands on the groundwork of long-term values and the potential to revolutionize the way we think about digital ownership and value.

To manifest a truly functional, authentic, and distinctive metaverse, we have developed the following fundamental concepts that form the foundations of the Etern Ecosystem.

Player First Protocol (P1P):

We prioritize the Playerz above all. With the Player at the center of the universe, the Player First Protocol functions as an essential component to power the growth of the metaverse. From Playerz to Worldz, all of Etern's experiences are incorporated and highly personalized with this protocol.

Metaverse Passport:

A Metaverse Passport is the Player’s Avatar that functions both as a token-gated entry to numerous Etern Worldz and also as the Player’s identity within the metaverse. The Etern Metaverse's innovative token gating standards and access control give Playerz a singular experience in a safe, secure, and fully interoperable web3 planet.

Teleport Network:

A system of interdimensional transportation called the Teleport Network of the Etern Metaverse enables Playerz to move around and between Virtual Worldz. As a supersonic digital subway system, Teleport Stations, holding one or more Tele-portals, are placed at critical locations.


Etern's MMORPM (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Metaverse) builds on everything you already know and love about MMORPGs and pushes it further by including web3 elements while offering a more immersive, social environment to explore. Playerz can design their own stories and experiences in the metaverse, as this concept allows them to power a very interactive, gamified, social experience within the Etern Metaverse.

United NFTs (UN):

In an effort to provide all NFT initiatives with a uniform and equal basis in the Web3 environment, Etern initiated a united frontier of all NFTs, i.e. United NFTs. Depending on individual preferences, we foster diversity while maintaining the exclusivity of NFT subcultures. Our top objective is to create a united, friendly environment that encourages creativity and cooperation.

Web3 Consciousness:

Being a web3-conscious Player entails having a deep awareness of the Playerz in their virtual environment. This helps you empathize with other Playerz and be aware of how your actions might impact them. In order to encourage people to think critically and explore new ideas, our metaverse is designed to be intellectually stimulating. As a place that would truly practice web3 consciousness, Etern is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels like they belong.

Digital Immortality:

In a world where people are virtual, Etern will present a new form of identity-centric virtual beings. Homo Eternalz, the digital human race of Etern that resides in this new civilization, has no physical bounds and dwells in the virtual world. The long-term goal of Etern is to construct a virtual world where Playerz can develop eternal identities that are not confined by physical boundaries. Etern’s grand vision is to bring the idea of digital immortality to life, by allowing Playerz to virtually preserve their online identities leaving an eternal legacy in the web3 space.

Metaverse Launchpad:

The Metaverse Launchpad program is Etern’s support system for the Landlordz to build Worldz on the Landz they own. It is a virtual accelerator for your metaverse ideas to come to life. The Etern ecosystem is decentralized, with Landlordz having exclusive access to Landz, Assetz and Worldz they host. There are primarily three ways to build on Landz: Building/importing your own Assetz, utilizing Development Creditz, and later using the Space-Time builder (Etern’s upcoming DIY world builder solution).

2. Etern Avatarz, the Web3 Identity

2.1 Player First Protocol

Player First Protocol (P1P) is one of the primary characteristics of the Etern Metaverse. We believe that in order to create a truly immersive experience, the Player must be at the center of our universe.

The core unit of Etern is your exclusive virtual web3 identity. This identity is formed when you mint your own customized 4D Avatarz within the blockchain of the Etern Metaverse. You'll be able to own a one-of-a-kind virtual persona that will go beyond the 3D looks into a cutting-edge personality with unique traits.

This identity will be yours and yours alone, enabling you to live, explore, play and interact with other Players inside a massively multiplayer gamified environment. It also allows you to create your own content throughout our platform creating long-term utility for your Avatar.

The Player First Protocol (P1P) helps us to focus on creating highly individualized experiences for all Playerz on the Etern Metaverse. Everything from Habitatz and Landz to Worldz is designed to be personalized to you and well integrated into the metaverse ecosystem.

The heart of this remarkable ecosystem is you, the Player. From the 3D body of your LiveAvatarz to the custom-developed 4D traits, you’re the one who determines how you look, feel and act within this new personalized world of possibilities.

2.2 Mind-Avatar Connection

The Etern Metaverse is a virtual playground where Avatarz becomes the digital extension of Players’ identities and personalities. Connecting with their unique Avatarz, Playerz will fully immerse their minds in the metaverse and experience a deep sense of self and personal branding.

Etern Avatarz makes it easier to express oneself in the Web3 space. It’s far more than just a virtual representation. It is a reflection of Players’ personalities and authentic identities. The strong connection between the mind and Avatar will create a web3 consciousness that all in their network could feel.

Once you have created your perfect Avatar, they become more than a part of your Etern identity: they become an embodiment of your personality and feel deeply connected with each other like never before.

This connection will build up your brand and strengthen your presence in the metaverse. As your Mind-Avatar connection grows ever stronger, your Avatarz will live out a life as an expression of yourself — as your alter ego interacting with the entire social metaverse around you.

2.3 Metaverse Passport

Etern Metaverse provides Playerz with an innovative, token-gated experience that puts the power of control in their hands. With the Metaverse Passport functionality, Playerz are able to gain access to various Worldz and explore the endless possibilities that await them.

Your Etern web3 identity doubles as a Metaverse Passport within the Etern ecosystem, allowing you to unlock special rewardz and access exclusive VIP communities that you belong to. It is an intuitive and secure way to access different virtual spaces and experience a metaverse that is truly limitless. The power of new token gating standards and access control within the Etern Metaverse grants Playerz completely interoperable web3 space that can be explored with ease.

Your passport unlocks various access levels depending on what kind of tokenz you possess, giving top contributors access to the most exclusive Worldz. As the metaverse grows, more opportunities to participate in innovative projects will be available to those willing to explore.

3. MMORPM, the Role Playing Metaverse

3.1 Identity-Centric MMORPM

Have you ever dreamed of living in a universe of your own creations? An alternate reality where you can connect with exciting people, explore, battle monsters, and become the hero of your own story?

MMORPM stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Metaverse; a unique concept developed by Etern. This cutting-edge social-gaming meta experience expands on what you already know and love about MMORPGs and takes it to the next level, introducing web3 characteristics and providing a more immersive, social environment to explore

In the Etern Metaverse, there are endless possibilities for adventures. Challenge yourself to complete daring missions and battles independently or as part of a guild. You’ll be able to create your own story as you explore the 3D Worldz. Along the way, you can make new friends and take on foes in an ever-changing virtual environment.

What makes Etern’s MMORPM even more special is its emphasis on personalized storytelling. Playerz can create their own stories and adventures within the metaverse, ensuring that their experiences are always fresh and engaging. Whether you’re facing off against monsters, solving puzzles, completing quests or just connecting with others, MMORPM is the foundation on which you’ll create your own story within the Etern Metaverse.

3.2 Gamified Social Metaverse (GSM)

The Etern Metaverse is a pioneering GSM ecosystem where social networking and gaming are intertwined to provide an unparalleled networking experience.

It is a virtual universe full of adventure, discovery, and social interaction. Playerz can use the unique social gamification system to collect Quantumz and earn Rewardz, while real-time Leaderboardz let Playerz track their progress and gain clout within the metaverse.

For those who'd rather explore than compete, there are always new exciting things to discover and ways to immerse in this alternate reality. Etern is about bringing people together. Whether you're joining forces with friends or accompanying strangers, Etern's living, breathing ecosystem provides a home for all kinds of creators, gamers, and web3 Playerz.

It doesn’t end there. Etern Metaverse also features various co-creation tools and multiplayer spaces like virtual Town-halls. These Player-generated environments are like an immersive version of Twitter Spaces within the metaverse, where Playerz can collaborate on projects, create content, and share their work with others—all within the metaverse.

3.3 The Teleport Network

The inter-dimensional transportation system of the Etern Metaverse is called “the Teleport Network” – an innovative way to travel between the Virtual Worldz. Think of Etern’s Teleportation Network like a supersonic digital subway system – allowing you to travel between virtual destinations instantly.

Teleport Stations are located in strategic destinations and each station hosts one or more Teleportals connecting the Teleport Channels. The Teleport Channels are the next generation of Web3 hyperlinks, offering a secure, seamless and lightning-fast way to get around the Metaverse.

You can leave location A and instantly arrive at location B. All you need to do is choose your destination or walk through Tele-portals, and you’ll be on your way to the destination in no time. You can even bring up maps of Worldz to help you find your way around and explore the various locations on offer.

Playerz can use public Teleport Stations at any given point. Landlordz, on the other hand, are able to own, sell or rent private Teleport Stations located in their Landz and Worldz. We believe that this innovative approach will take virtual tourism to a whole new level, transforming web3 transportation into an impactful Travel Economy inside the Etern Metaverse.

4. Web3-powered Social Gameplay

4.1 Player-Owned Economy

The Etern Metaverse is built around its Playerz. The Playerz can assume different roles and evolve along with the metaverse. We are a gamified social platform which enables the concept of “From the Playerz, For the Playerz” ultimately resulting in a Player-Owned Economy. Our decentralized ecosystem, the in-game assetz and tokenz reflect and encourage this economy.

Inside the Etern ecosystem, the Playerz have the option to own collectables such as Artefactz, Gadgetz, Avatarz, and Landz to the extent of Worldz. Playerz will be able to purchase, sell, and trade inside the open Etern Metaverse economy as the ecosystem evolves.

A system of skill-based ownership is essential to the ecosystem. Fundamentally as a skillbased ecosystem through their performance in the economy, Playerz can acquire ownership of properties. This develops a healthy environment where Playerz are motivated to advance their abilities and engage with the metaverse.

We allow the metaverse's activities to determine how the Etern Metaverse economy develops. Much as GDP is a crucial indicator of economic activity in a real country, Gross Etern Production (GEP) is a benchmark for our economy. The interactions between Playerz and the manner in which trading takes place within the metaverse will define how this economy is developed. We are devoted to making our economy fluid, adjusting to the demands of our participants and their evolving interests.

Our Player-owned economy consists of more than just a P2P marketplace for in-game goods and services. We are on a journey towards decentralization. Playerz have the chance to control their metaverse experience with this. The Playerz become more sociable and cooperative as they collaborate to develop a prosperous economy. The distinctiveness of Etern Metaverse compared to other platform experiences comes from this feeling of growth, ownership, synergy and co-creation.

The Player-Owned Economy is a central pillar of the Etern Metaverse’s future. It is an ownership system that rewards Playerz for developing their abilities and contributing to the metaverse. We believe this is the future foundation of a truly open, free-market Web3 economy.

4.2 Leaderboardz and Quantumz

Quantumz is the in-game token of the Etern Metaverse ecosystem. It is a metric that is based on a number of variables, including the Player’s accomplishments, activities, and participation in the metaverse.

Leaderboardz are used to showcase this metric and might be public, game-specific, or global. In the metaverse, these Leaderboardz foster healthy rivalry and immersive gamification by enabling Playerz to monitor their own success and contrast it with that of other Players. This is what powers Etern to be a “gamified social networking metaverse.”

Leaderboardz and Quantumz are intended to give Playerz a measure of their net worth in our metaverse. Playerz advance on the Leaderboardz based on how much they contribute and how much Quantumz they acquire. This establishes a beneficial feedback loop that benefits the ecosystem as well as the Playerz as they are encouraged/rewarded to participate actively within the ecosystem.

Leaderboardz and Quantumz will have an important impact on our entire Etern social ecosystem, not just the gaming experience. We anticipate seeing increasingly intricate incentive structures and a stronger focus on metrics and Leaderboardz as the metaverse develops and becomes more sophisticated.

4.3 Leveling up (to infinity)

Leveling up is a crucial procedure that reflects each Player's privilege levels, status and influence in the ecosystem. In the Etern Metaverse, leveling is an infinite process. This implies that a Player's ability to develop or change within the ecosystem has no upper limit.

The Etern Metaverse's leveling system allows equal opportunities for all Playerz to level up using their skills and gain new privileges and surprises. It also illustrates their familiarity and seniority with the Etern Metaverse. Everyone begins at the same level, and depending on their abilities and ecosystem participation, they can level up and grow in influence inside the metaverse.

In the Etern Metaverse, leveling up is not just about excitement but also a Player's standing reputation within the ecosystem. A Player's level of influence and reputation within the community increases in direct proportion to how often they participate in and contribute to the metaverse. This fosters constructive competition and motivates Playerz to participate in the ecosystem.

The Etern Metaverse's leveling system does not operate in a one-way fashion. In accordance with their participation and activities within the ecosystem, Playerz might also level down. By doing this, it is made sure that the infinite leveling process continues to be fair and gives equal opportunity for all Playerz to evolve within the metaverse.

5. EternMeta, a LIVE Ecosystem

5.1 Planet Etern

The Planet Etern is a multiverse with diverse ecosystems. At its foundation, it is a collection of dynamic Worldz that provide room for incomparable multiplayer activities from gaming to networking. Planet Etern is made up of an endless number of these Worldz, which together form ecosystems with their own economy and social networks.

This planet is an online setting that is continuously expanding and evolving over time along with the Habitatz of the Playerz. The variety that Planet Etern offers is among its most important features. We want to build a diverse cosmos where everyone can experience different subcultures. This sense of unity fostered by our communities will enable everyone to come together and express their sense of belonging in the Worldz we construct.

Planet Etern will have the unique concept of inclusive-exclusivity at its core. It will provide a welcoming space for all NFTs and provide an equal opportunity for representation. Acknowledging that requirements and preferences may vary between various groups, Planet Etern will cater to the exclusive subcultures while maintaining inclusivity within the community in general. Think of exclusive members-only gated neighborhoods within a larger inclusive ecosystem where everyone is welcome. This enables Etern to maintain a low entry barrier for Playerz to effortlessly start their journey and to progressively evolve into more exclusive, culture-rich communities.

A true distinctive feature of Planet Etern is its teleportation map. This allows Playerz to smoothly transition between the Worldz. With its massive, interoperable teleportation map they could immerse in the true Web3 experience of a multiverse.

The teleportation feature allows Playerz to engage with people from all over the world in realtime in a matter of seconds; encounter a boundless number of opportunities to connect; and experience true Web3 transportation.

We are eager to take you on our voyage into Planet Etern at a time when the metaverse is still at its embryonic stage. From discovering new Worldz to communicating with Playerz worldwide, the bounds are limitless and filled with adventure.

5.2 Habitatz and Worldz

In the Etern Metaverse, your journey begins at Habitatz. A Habitat serves as your base of operations and personal space. Simply, it's your home at Etern! The Habitatz can be customized, allowing for the expression of individualism on the preference of the Playerz.

Playerz can start their quests from their own Habitatz using teleportation to explore the Etern Metaverse. The Habitatz are the personal escape for Playerz with complete control, comfort and ownership. After all, there’s no place like home!

Worldz on the other hand is a collaborative space. Worldz are created after Landlordz build environments on the Landz they own. These Worldz host multiplayer, gamified social networks to provide Playerz with an immersive web3 experience. Playerz can choose to make their Worldz exclusive (gated) or inclusive (public). Depending on the choice, the evolution of Worldz could be decided by the communities that inhabit them.

Let's imagine a city with both public and private sites. In the same manner, the metaverse will have Public Worldz and Private Worldz. Everyone is welcome to enter and use the spaces in the public Worldz, while in private Worldz the owner or the community of owners will hold the power of access.

As crucial components of the Etern Metaverse, Habitatz and Worldz make the primary building blocks of the Etern experience. Your adventure begins with Habitatz and expands into Worldz. Most importantly the strength of the community will be “Inclusive-exclusivity” keeping up with the core values of Etern.

5.3 - United NFTs (UN)

Etern thrives on diversity and fairness. Within our ecosystem, every voice will matter, and all endeavors will count. We established the United NFTs (UN) as a frontier for all NFT projects. The vision is to provide all NFT communities with a common and equal metaverse foundation to grow in the Web3 space.

While believing in giving everyone an equal chance to be represented, we recognize the distinctiveness of each NFT initiative and work to offer everyone a unique voice. In other words, we support diversity while maintaining the exclusivity of NFT subcultures, depending on NFT holders’ preferences.

Regardless of their scope or level of popularity, it is our intention to invite and accommodate all NFT projects. Every project, in our opinion, merits the opportunity to be seen and voiced in the Etern Metaverse. Every NFT Avatar that comes to life represents and contributes to a unique aspect of our ecosystem.

One of our guiding principles is that we don't treat anyone differently. Etern stands on the grounds to create an environment where everyone can participate and flourish with no prejudice. Our priority is to establish a warm atmosphere that promotes innovation and teamwork.

Our mission is centered on inclusivity. We want to build a web3 space where diversity is valued and respected. No matter the skill level or background, we want every member to feel at ease expressing themselves and displaying their creations in the metaverse. As an initiative designed to give all NFTs a level playing field, we look forward to evolving together to serve all our communities better!

6. The Metaverse Launchpad

6.1 Development of Landz

Etern Landlordz are the key holders who maintain the decentralized nature of the Etern Metaverse ecosystem. Etern Landz, the primary blocks of real estate in the Etern Metaverse, are exclusively owned by Landlordz. They share the ownership of access and hosting of Assetz and Worldz.

This status includes a number of benefits, such as granting exclusive access to Etern Playerz and the power to create Worldz on their Landz. Landlordz have the ability to develop their own personal metaverse on their properties, and they can do it themselves or with developer assistance programs like the Metaverse Launchpad by Etern.

Etern Landz support hosting on-chain collectables, and 3D Assetz. They are multiplayerpowered and customizable. The characteristics and terrains of Landz will change over time, reflecting the evolving nature of the Etern Metaverse. Based on things like user growth and interaction, Landz and its attributes will be modified.

The Launchpad offers primarily three ways to build on Landz: utilizing Development Creditz, building/importing your own Assetz, and later using the Space-Time builder (Etern’s upcoming DIY world builder solution).

At Etern we believe that your virtual real estate should never be barren land. Our mission is to support our Landlordz and Playerz to create resourceful as well as useful environments. The Metaverse Launchpad program aims to become a virtual accelerator for your metaverse ideas to come to life.

6.2. Development Creditz

Etern’s Development Creditz is a program that is intended to incentivize the construction of metaverse infrastructure on Etern Landz. The initiative serves as an incentive for Landlordz and other qualified Playerz who are interested in creating new Etern Metaverse Worldz. With the initiative, they’ll have access to discounted metaverse Dev Creditz from recognized Etern Metaverse partners including DejaVu Quest, the original developer of Etern’s technology infrastructure. The goal of this is to guarantee the long-term growth of Worldz within the metaverse.

Landlordz who are eligible for the Development Creditz will receive discounts which are decided on a quarterly basis by the partners of the Etern Metaverse. The Dev Creditz can be claimed by Landlordz, eligible organizations and Playerz when they utilize services by Etern Meta Dev partners to create unique Avatarz, Environmentz, and 3D Assetz populating the 4D Worldz. The program is designed as a support system for the builders of the Etern Ecosystem.

The Etern Metaverse intends to occasionally give Dev Creditz in the form of Rewardz and Grantz to qualified applicants selected through a rigorous application process. At the time of writing, the requirements of the ecosystem will determine the specifics of each Dev Creditz program. The program's goal remains constant nevertheless, as it is to offer a resourceful support network so that a robust ecosystem of Worldz will be developed within the Etern Metaverse.

It is important to note that the Etern Metaverse and DejaVu Quest, Inc. do not guarantee the availability of development services nor the specific discounts on the services offered as it all depends on demand-supply and market conditions.

6.3 Space-Time Builder

Imagine being able to design and build your own unique Avatarz, Environmentz, 3D Assetz and Worldz in the Etern Metaverse with no coding skills. Your go-to tool for bringing these experiments to life will be Etern’s upcoming “Space-Time Builder.”

You will have access to this “Do-It-Yourself” no-code solution as Landlordz or Creatorz, allowing you to build 3D/4D objects and deploy them directly within the Etern Metaverse. This experimental feature of the Etern Metaverse is meant to completely change the way you construct your metaverse space. (Note: At the time of writing, the Space-Time Builder is at pre-alpha prototype stage).

Your design is meant to receive a customized touch from the Space-Time builder without sacrificing quality. Once the beta version of the Space-Time Builder is released within Etern you’ll have access to libraries of reference and have the ability to build on Landz.

We believe that the Space-Time Builder will play an important role in the Etern Metaverse's future, as it offers an opportunity for everyone to design their own unique environment without any technical experience.

7. What we believe in

7.1 Core Values

At the Etern Metaverse, we obsessively believe in being Player-centric. We value our Players' needs and wants above everything else.

Etern believes in cultivating genuine human connections. We consider fostering relationships within our community to be the ultimate priority over hype. Developing a welcoming, secure, and courteous atmosphere that encourages Player interaction is one of our key guiding principles because of this.

Our community is a space where we encourage cooperation and teamwork among Playerz. By connecting and bonding over shared experiences, we envision relationships that go beyond a web3 social network. This is what drives us to support events that foster community building, teamwork, and interpersonal communication.

Following community placement, fairness is something we value parallelly. In our opinion, everyone should have an equal opportunity for representation. To achieve this, we work closely with our community to establish just and reasonable game rules that apply to everyone equally. A level playing field where Playerz will thrive based on their talents and abilities, rather than their status or connections.

Our Playerz are here to have a good time. As their host, our duty is to make sure that the Worldz are designed like theme parks, built to challenge as well as to amuse them. We support activities that promote healthy competition in the community and generate a sense of joy and contentment that ultimately bring subcultures together. This is what we call a gamified social metaverse.

In this context, we are highly focused on long-term strategy over short-term gains. Establishing a truly sustainable value system takes time. We are committed to investing in the sustained growth of our ecosystem because we recognize that developing a successful community requires effort and endurance. With our Playerz, we always strive to build long-lasting relationships that are authentic, nurturing and aligned with our core values.

Community, justice, enjoyment, and a long-term perspective are at the core of Etern's ideals. We believe that giving these values top priority will help us and our community create a welcoming, equitable, and enjoyable metaverse. As Playerz, you are at the center of our universe and we are proud to share this special journey with you!

7.2 Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are based on long-term thinking, player-centered design and firmly believing in the power of web3 and metaverse as inevitable technologies.

1. Player first. Always.

Obsessive focus on the Player centric web3 experience. Playerz are our primary customers and their identity is our top priority.

2. Deep relationships over hype.

Nurture a human-centered, deep and organic metaverse/web3 community engagement. No hype or undue FOMO.

3. Generate measurable utility.

Aim for long-term consistent growth by delivering measurable metaverse utility.

4. Culture of technical excellence. (Builders’ mindset).

We don’t care how markets move. We just build, set high benchmarks for ourselves and strive for web3 technical excellence.

5. Agile metaverse development.

We firmly believe in iterative and incremental development – launching early and getting feedback fast.

6. Innovation oriented. Efficiency driven.

We rely on new and innovative solutions to address challenges. An innovative solution is often need-based, less resource intensive and requires undivided obsessive focus.

7. Collaboration is the key strategy.

We encourage collaboration over competition to create value and growth for the community.

8. Long-term focus trumps.

We focus on building long-term value and utility over short-term vanity metrics.

8. The Vision

8.1 The birth of a Virtual Human Race

The Metaverse will be inevitable as humanity enters a new era of technology. With that, authentic virtual identity and unique web3 profiles that act as an accurate depiction of the person who owns it will fuel this virtual world

We introduce you to Etern Metaverse, the digital humanity of the future, on the basis of the above concept. At Etern, digital identities serve as the primary means of entry into the Metaverse. In a future where humans will be virtual, Etern will offer an eternal number of opportunities and choices.

We are here to create unique virtual identities of ourselves in order to contribute to the evolution of digital identities. The digital human race of Etern that inhabits this new civilization, is referred to as "Homo Eternalz,” who have no physical borders and live in the virtual realm. We consider this as the critical following stage in human evolution.

As a member of the Homo Eternalz race, you will be exposed to the infinite possibilities of the Etern Metaverse and free from the constraints of physical reality. You will also be connected to and empowered by advanced web3 technology.

Imagine being able to interact, explore, share, play, own, create, or connect with other Eternalz in a dream world that is wholly immersive. That is what Etern metaverse exactly envisions it to be!

Unparalleled levels of freedom will be available in Etern Metaverse. No longer will geography or customs be a barrier to our freedom. Without worrying about criticism, Eternalz are free to be who they are, to make mistakes and learn from them, to be inventive, and to share their thoughts.

We are here to reimagine how people communicate, collaborate, and engage with one another. We look forward to welcoming you to the Etern Metaverse, home of Eternalz and the next generation of a new digital human race.

8.2 Establishing Web3 Consciousness

We are mindful of the significance of building a web3 consciousness as we continue to develop the Etern Metaverse. This describes a society that has embraced the metaverse's culture and is cognizant of its digital surroundings. The goal is to thrive and build a deep, rich culture within the digital world, not just to survive within it.

The web3 consciousness is about inclusivity, and we're dedicated to fostering a setting where everyone feels like they belong. Instead of focusing on explicit exclusion, the goal should be to build a community that is exclusively inclusive. It's about appreciating the uniqueness and realizing that each has something special to contribute. We are concentrating on building a linked, immersive experience as we expand the Etern Metaverse. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, the goal is to create a universe that is intellectually stimulating.

Furthermore, Etern believes in cultivating innovative and collaborative culture as we deeply want to contribute to establishing web3 consciousness. To build engaging new experiences in the metaverse, we aim to inspire our Playerz to collaborate.

The idea that the metaverse is a new way of thinking and living, rather than just virtual reality, lies at the core of the web3 consciousness. It provides a platform for interaction with individuals from around the globe and experiences that are not attainable in the physical world. A perfect example would be the Oasis in Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

Similar to the Oasis we believe that how we live, work, and interact with one another could be reimagined by the Etern Metaverse. Aligned with this vision, we are eager to create a healthy web3-conscious community, pioneering a unique web3 culture.

8.3 Envisioning Digital Immortality

A vivid fantasy of a distant future in which virtual humans are made everlasting by technology is what gave rise to the idea of the Etern metaverse. At Etern, we think that human consciousness will develop to live outside of physical constraints and that the future is virtual.

We hypothesize that when people enter a true immersive environment and develop web3 consciousness, they create a virtual identity and a persona that is unconstrained by physical limitations and has the potential to be truly eternal.

With the development of ground-breaking AI and VR technology, we will have the opportunity to create a self-sustaining version of ourselves. Etern believes by integrating AI, VR and blockchain technology there is a possibility to build an immortal version of you.

Although the concept of digital immortality may sound far-fetched, Etern believes it is eventually feasible based on current and upcoming technological breakthroughs. Our objective is to build a platform that will enable users to protect their online identities and leave a lasting legacy.

The potential is limitless, and we picture a world in which people may preserve the essence of their loved ones virtually and keep their memories alive for future generations. This is Etern Metaverse's far horizon, a vision so beautiful and inspiring that we are compelled to at least take a small step towards that vision each day!

"It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”
Sir Edmund Hillary


  • Planet Etern: The Planet Etern is a multiverse with diverse ecosystems. It is a collection of dynamic Worldz that provide room for incomparable multiplayer activities from gaming to networking.
  • Landz: The Etern Metaverse's primary building blocks of real estate.
  • Playerz: Playerz, are those who interact within the Etern Metaverse. In other words, the participants of the Etern Metaverse.
  • Habitatz: The personal spaces of Playerz within Etern that can be customized based on their preference. Playerz enjoy complete control, comfort and ownership of Habitatz.
  • Worldz: Worldz are created when Landlordz build environments on the Landz they own. Worldz host multiplayer, gamified social networks to provide Playerz with an immersive web3 experience.
  • Avatarz: 4D virtual characters that represent each Playerz identity within the Etern Metaverse. Playerz can transform their 2D PFP NFT into Avatarz and bring them to life within the Etern Metaverse.
  • Rewardz: Digital tokens/assets that Playerz receive as recognition for their accomplishments/contributions to Etern.
  • Creditz: Digital discounts/ tokens Playerz receive to build/evolve within the Etern Metaverse. Tokenz can be used to buy Landz, Habitatz, and other in-game virtual goods.
  • Contestz: Contestz are competitions Etern Playerz participate in.These might consist of in-game challenges or competitions that display the skills and prowess of Playerz.
  • Eventz: Includes public or private social gatherings that take place within the Etern Metaverse.
  • Landlordz: Exclusive owners of the Landz within Etern Metaverse. Landlordz can grant exclusive access to Playerz and have the power to create Worldz on their Landz.
  • Quantumz: In-game tokens of the Etern Metaverse. It is a metric used to track Playerz's activity, accomplishments and participation within Etern. Quantumz are used to rank Playerz on the Leaderboardz.
  • Leaderboardz: A scoreboard that showcases the Quantumz count of each Etern Player.


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