Etern Meta Referral Affiliate Program: Hand-Picking the Best in Web3

Shortlisting for the Eternalz NFT collection

The Etern Meta Referral Affiliate Program was launched to select and hand-pick the best and brightest minds immersed in web3. This program invites NFT owners to join the Eternalz Collection where their PFP NFT will be transformed into the ultimate 4D metaverse-optimized Avatarz.

The process of transforming and crafting a PFP into a perfect 4D metaverse-optimized Avatar is a meticulous and time-consuming effort that requires a team of professionals including 3D artists, brand specialists, and developers.

That's why we have limited the collection to only 288 members, and have launched this program to help us select the right individuals.

Based on the criteria we have given to our Referral Affiliates, they have already shortlisted and booked over 630+ meetings with the Etern Meta team in the past 6 months. We are currently receiving applications from participants who would like to have their PFP NFT transformed into the respective 4D Meta Avatar.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee the selection after application submission due to rigorous selection standards.

“Ignited Minds”: Twitter Space Series

We are also expanding the scope of our Referral Affiliate Program to hand-pick speakers for our ongoing Twitter Space series: “Ignited Minds.”

This series will feature interviews with impactful change-makers in a diverse range of fields from science to arts and business to tech including top builders and personalities in the web3 space. It will cover inspiring topics including their remarkable stories, vision and journies; the role of identity in the metaverse; building in the web3 and more.

If you're shortlisted and meet our criteria, our Referral Affiliates will recommend you to us, bringing you the opportunity to share your vision for your identity in the virtual world. Join us and become a part of this exciting journey in the world of web3 and the Etern Metaverse!