Create Your Own Immersive 4D World, deeply integrated with X, powered for Apple Vision Pro

Eternalz Council

Application Form (By Invitation Only)

Packaged Value:

Sponsorship by Etern Meta:

Mint Value (90% Discount):

24 ETH

22 ETH

2 ETH + gas

Packaged Value: 24 ETH

Sponsorship by Etern Meta: 22 ETH

Mint Value (90% Discount): 2 ETH + gas

  • X-integrated, customized 4D immersive world powered for Apple Vision Pro

    • Bring the images of your mind to life, as a virtual world in the Metaverse.
    • Rigged, LIVE, 4D, and Metaverse ready
    • Handmade to perfection by professionals
    • Use in branding, marketing, and as a digital twin.
    • Unlock a new world of web3 and web2 utility.
    • Build your virtual environment and assets on 25,000 sqft Etern metaverse land.
  • Deeply integrated with X

  • Own your verifiable NFT VR World

  • Own 100,000 sqft of land on Etern

  • Membership of the prestigious Eternalz Council

  • OG Landlord status

  • Cutting edge social media trailer worth several thousand dollars with metaverse footage customized for you.

  • Exclusive members-only Dealz on resources and Metaverse Dev Creditz for Web3 services

  • Access to an exclusive OG network

  • Discount on DejaVu Services

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